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Over more than twenty years, Pacific Century Group has grown to comprise of key businesses across three core investment pillars – technology, media and telecommunications, financial services and property.

Our aim is to become a leading force in whichever industry we are in. We strive to innovate in a world that is constantly changing, and it is our job to ensure that we continue to keep pace with this evolution. Just in the last decade alone, we have witnessed the emergence of financial technology, the rise of the Over-the-top platform in media, the increasing retail and consumer spending via online platforms, and more broadly, the full penetration of digital into our daily lives.

To continue innovating is our measure of success, and is key to the further development of our businesses across Asia and globally.

Richard Li
Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive

  • Richard Li

    Pacific Century Group

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  • Huynh Thanh Phong

    FWD Group
    Group Chief Executive Officer

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  • Rob Schimek

    Group Chief Executive Officer

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  • Gregory A. Ehret

    PineBridge Investments
    Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

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  • Susanna Hui

    Executive Director and Group Managing Director

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  • Benjamin Lam Yu Yee

    Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited
    Deputy Chairman and Group Managing Director

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